Time Traveling Superhero Soiree

The Time Traveling Super Hero Soiree!

                                Jazzam – Tracksploitation – Baby in a Cage                            

Hard Rock Cafe – November 15, 2013

Photography by Tom Jefferson / Videography by Joe Farley



Are you a time traveler?

Perhaps you are a super hero in hiding…

Jazzam – Funktronicspacejazz

Glenn Strother – guitar/vocals

Marc Sterling – bass

Manny Guevara – percussion

Joe Badaczewski – trumpet

Nathan Frink – sax


Tracksploitation – The Time Traveling Super DJ Duo

Professor ASAP: Underground DJ from the not too distant post apocalyptic future

JCT45 : Rough music chronicling time-droid from the distant android utopia future

Tracksploitation: Their plan for total domination over TIME AND SPACE…

Baby in a Cage – Sexy Sloppy Folk Fusion

Jill Crivelli – guitar/vocals

Tina Eckberg- percussion

Sean Howard – guitar

Steve Boop – bass

FUNK not only moves, it can remove. Dig?

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