4 Rivers Vaudeville


4 Rivers Vaudeville – Seekers of Diversified Amusement 

Designed to Educate, Edify, Amaze and Uplift!

November 14, 2013


Photography by Tom Jefferson / Videography by Chris Mason



4 Rivers Vaudeville – Spotlighting some of the most diverse and unique talents the city has to offer… 


Featuring Pittsburgh’s favorite emcee, Phat Man Dee!

Amethyst, Director of ElectroBelly Dance Troupe

The Hills and the Rivers -Appalachiacana Street Music featuring mandolin, stand up bass, flute, fiddle, trumpet, djembe, tenor guitar, percussion and vocals.

Faithful Sinners – Old Testament Folk from Outer Space featuring the dynamic duo of guitar and the musical saw!

Tom Moran – Live Oud, crafted by Tom himself and featuring Belly Dance Performance.

Faith Hershey – LED spinner performer

Kallisto – Balkan Gypsy Fusion Dance

Beth Shari – Belly Dance

Cassandra Mousey – Spoken Word

Infinite thanks to all who participated and attended this amazing evening of performance!

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